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The interpreter's function is to convey every semantic element (tone and register), as well as every intention and feeling of the message that the source-language speaker is directing to the target-language recipients.

In order to interpret a text, the interpreter must be able to receive and understand the incoming message and then express an identical meaning in the target language to the fullest extent possible. In order to accomplish this task, the interpreter must go through an overlapping series of cognitive processing activities. These include:

  • attending to the message and concentrating on the task at hand
  • remembering the message
  • comprehending the meaning of the message
  • analyzing the message for meaning
  • visualizing the message non-verbally
  • reformulating the message into the target language 

People use EgyTranscript’s interpretation service because they know we’ll get it right. We’ll listen attentively, we’ll learn, and we’ll carefully manage the interpretation process to make sure their business is well expressed– whatever the language is. EgyTranscript puts the expertise of translators and interpreters at your hands, combined with simplicity and security.

EgyTranscript is one of the leading Arabic-English interpretation companies based in the Middle East and its leadership brings together over 20 years of proven experience in this field. Our clients choose us over other interpretation companies because of our superior accuracy, speed and competitive prices. You can feel comfortable outsourcing your projects to EgyTranscript and be sure that every component of your project will be handled professionally and confidentially. As a client, you can rely on EgyTranscript to professionally manage language solutions for your project. Our primary goal, as Arabic English Interpretation Company, is to establish long-term relationships with our clients and to become an integral part of their expansion to international markets. We will help you achieve your objectives locally, regionally and internationally by providing professional interpretation of the highest quality for all of your communication needs.

Simultaneous Interpretation has the amazing benefit of being fast and incredibly time-efficient! Unlike any form of consecutive translation, interpretation enables the interpreterto speak simultaneously as they listen to the speech; this makes the audience receive the translation in the same instance it is produced by the speaker. This saves a lot of time and prevents any distortion or distraction of the audience. This is different from consecutive translation for instance, where the translator waits until the speaker finishes, and starts translating afterwards.

If you need an Arabic English Interpretation Service contact us and we will help you choose between different available services that best suit your purpose. EgyTranscript provides several interpreting modes from which you can choose.

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