Sunday, December 10, 2017

Certificates Translation

Certificates Translation

No doubt translation is an art yet a very sensitive job that needs accurate and precision.

Talking about legal documents or birth certificates translation, it goes without saying it needs even more precision; where no mistakes are allowed or accepted.

These documents usually need certified or notarized translation; to ensure the authenticity of the translated documents.

Certified Translation is a translation where the translator declares its accuracy and completeness; while testifying his/her ability to translate that particular document, which must be signed by the translator.

EgyTranscript offers legal translation services, as well as certified translations needed for governmental institutions, embassies, and other entities.

Our team of certified translators is ready to translate documents across different languages with highest standards of professionalism and efficiency.

Reputable Service and Reasonable Prices

Our translators know very well that when they translate certificates across different languages, it is not as general document translation; it rather needs good knowledge and experience in providing legal translation services.

In addition to embassies of United States of America all over the world, our accredited translation is accepted by all embassies, as well as reputable organizations like AMIDEAST and Fulbright.

EgyTranscript is well known of its cost effective prices while maintaining excellent quality; where it offers certified or notarized translations upon the client’s request.

Our legal translation services include; birth certificates, death certificates, application letters, technical patent confirmation, financial statement, evidence documents, litigation materials and business contracts.

It also include, marriage certificate, divorce papers, graduation certificates, academic results’ transcripts, passports, visas, immigration papers, bank statements, and medical reports.

Most of our clients have built an ongoing relationship with us; coming to our office for all legal documents, as well as other general document translation, where we’ve translated thousands of documents from Arabic to English over years.

Our translators have specific knowledge of legal terminology in Arabic and English, and long experience in translating legal documents and certificates, which are always on high demand.

Birth certificate translation for instance is substantial for different proceedings like applying for a school or a university and immigration process.

EgyTranscript promises to deliver birth certificate translation and other documents in the same day it is received; either as a hard copy or a soft one via email.

EgyTranscript is committed to clients’ confidentiality, and can respond to work in Egypt, MENA region, and overseas’ work where our team translates legal documents across different languages, as well as business correspondence.

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