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Human Translation

Human Translation

Translation is the process of delivering the same message in another language. Successful translated text should communicate the message of the source text into the target one. That's why Human Translation is very important.

About Human Translation
We call it Human Translation when a human translator translates a text (convert it from a language into another one). It is the first type of translation ever known, as it is relying only on the human solutions to convert a text from the source language into another. Although, there are many machines that can do translations faster than human, Human Translation remains the most widely preferred translation method to this day. As, it guarantees the ability to translate the meaning of a sentence, rather than just the words and, most importantly, it allows for the coherence and comprehension of idioms and different cultures.
Human Translation is the best form of translating any content including, official documents, books, legal documents, technical manuals, product specifications, websites, personal documents, business plans, magazines and newspapers, and even advertisements and marketing texts.
Why Human Translation is the best?
When it comes to Human Translation, you can expect much better quality compared to machine translation or post-edited machine translation. As they could only translate the words from one language to another, they mainly provide you with word-to-word translation. Despite the technology revelation we currently experience, machine translation still not able to do what a human translator could do, take into account the context of the original text while translating it into the target language and preserving the meaning as close to the original as possible. In addition to the grammar aspects, idioms comprehension and convention. In short, machine translation would be confusing for the readers, while the human translation would make much sense.
Quality Human Translation from EgyTranscript
EgyTranscript provides you with a superlative Human Translation services in almost all prevalent scopes across the world. We have a team of expert professionals to offer you the most competitive, quick and efficient Human Translation Service. Our services not only excel in quality, but also in timing and affordability. Individual expert resources review and verify each translated text to reach the highest quality level possible as a final output.
We, at EgyTranscript, consider translation as an art. Our main area of expertise is Arabic into English translation and vice versa. We have a team of professional translators who are native Arab, also they are competent in English through extensive education and experience as well. Moreover, we provide the best Human Translation service in any language pair too, thanks to our vast and diverse network of highly qualified and professional translators. A Team of professionals who has a significant experience in managing Human Translation projects and can solve almost any obstacle, including rare formats, subjects, and very tight deadlines.
EgyTranscript is dedicated to ensure your translation projects meet all your potential objectives and standards. Our Human Translation service is carefully designed to maximize readability, quality and consistency of the target text.
How it works?
Our Human Translation projects are handled by highly qualified individuals in the field of translations and localization. It starts with our expert Account Managers whose mission is to ensure the translation meets your exact specifications and goals. They work to manage your project systematically. Therefore, they will be able to ensure your translation is delivered on time and at the highest possible level of quality and accuracy. They take the charge of planning and control your translation project. Then, highly qualified translators began to convert the source text into the target one. After finishing the translation phase, a team of expert reviewers began to proofread and review the translated text to ensure that it meets the highest quality level possible.
We also provide a professional Desktop Publishing (DTP) service to ensure completion of any artwork or formatting, if required, for the translated document to mirror the original source document in every single detail.
Our special teams for each of the industries make sure to provide you with the most accurate and professional Human Translation that meets the required expertise and diligence. Whatever your industry is, we sure we are able to deliver the best translation possible. Our services include legal translation, medical translation, official documents, technical translation, art and music, financial translation, books, websites, applications, marketing translation, gaming, tourism and travel, and more.
At EgyTranscript, we believe that translation is a complex process that only humans are able to do! Because it is not a scientific calculation or a mathematical equation that could be programmed into a machine. That's why our Human Translation services always be done by professional linguists, usually native speakers or have studied the target language extensively.

Public Notary Office Translator for foreigners

Public Notary Office Translator for foreigners
Notarized translations for foreigners in Egypt
EgyTranscript offers professional notarized document translation services for your official documents that have to be presented to official authorities for legitimate purposes. 
Our expert public notary office translators can accompany you to the public sector organizations to provide you with the most accurate notarized translations.
The Difference between Certified Translation and Notarized Translation
There is a big difference between certified translation and notarized translation; certified translation is required when submitting official documents for legal purposes. For instance, marriage certificates, birth/ death certificates, adoption papers, immigration documents, court transcripts, or business contracts that are not written in the official language of the country where the documents are to be submitted.
While, notarized translation is more about following official procedures. Notarized translation is usually required for education-based documents like high school transcripts or foreign diplomas. Unlike certified translation, the quality of the notarized translation is not the issue. It is more about fulfilling the formal requirements of an institution.
Who needs Notarized Translation?
A notary public office translator is authorized to authenticate and oversee different legal formalities and notarized translations. The notarized documents translation might be required by some organizations when submitting official documents such as foreign diplomats and high school transcripts.

How it works?
Our professional translators present the translated document to a notary public, who will ask the translator to swear an oath to the accuracy of the translation. Then, the translator will be asked to sign an affidavit sworn, which must contain the official seal and signature of the notary public before it becomes valid.
It is not about the quality of the provided translation. Instead, it is about fulfilling the formal requirements of the institution. As the notary public does not check the quality of the translation, but he concerned more about the identity of the translator.
Qualified Professional Translators and Legal Specialists
EgyTranscript has a team of highly qualified bilingual native speaking translators. They are carefully selected based on their extensive experience and special areas of expertise. We work on delivering the most professional notarized document translation service that meets your highest expectations.
We provide you with high-quality translation services. We double-check every translation project to guarantee the highest possible quality. Official documents are translated and double-checked by expert senior translators with a specialized legal background. We can carry out all relevant formalities through different public sector organizations so that your official documents can be produced in court proceedings.

Confidentiality and Trust
The local laws in each country govern public notary office translators. They cannot give their personal style or tone to the text. They know well that notarized translations must be an exact translation of the source. Our professional translators offer accurate notarized translations, we work to help you get your official documents done with the less possible efforts.
At EgyTranscript, we are bound by a commercial confidentiality and corporate nondisclosure agreement. Our Translators take confidentiality and security issues very seriously. With us, your documents remain highly confidential.
Why you should Choose Us
We deliver accurate translation that meets your deadline and exceeds your expectations. We are one of the fastest growing providers in the industry with capacity to work all over the globe; we are one of the few translation agencies that can deliver on time, every time, regardless of your location or time zone.
EgyTranscript offers you:
  • The most possible fast and accurate document translations
  • A team of professional highly experienced native-speaking translators
  • High-quality human translation
  • Professional Public Notary Office Translator for foreigners
  • Cost-effective and professional Arabic to English translation service and vice versa in almost all translation types.