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This is another form of interpreting where an interpreter helps two parties speaking over the phone; by interpreting their conversation. Translation can be done in a consecutive manner.
Interpretation is a simultaneous translation between two different language speakers. The importance of interpretation manifests at international conferences whether they are political or economic. Furthermore, it has its special importance in covering the global events.

The interpreter should be qualified to undertake this difficult and accurate task. We cannot call anyone under any circumstances an interpreter without several requirements that makes him a successful interpreter. As it is inevitable to have a good command of both languages and does not stop only at words level, but he has to perfect their contextual usage to transfer the message honestly, also he has to perfect the pronunciation. Here, he is differed from the translator, as he just needs the written language and does not have to speak. At this point, we focus on the accuracy of both pronunciation and voice from the interpreter to assure the accuracy of the linguistic message.
On the other hand, the interpreter should have the courage to face linguistic situations that requires taking a critical decision in order to handle the situation; in this case, the interpreter tends to a reportorial translation rather than interpretation. (If he does not have the courage and the bravery to handle these expected and non-expected situations, he will face situations compelling him to interrupt a train of thought that will confuse conference attendees.
Qualification of the efficient interpreter
Interpretation requires an actual practice, practical and long translation experience that extends to long years in order to be a successful interpreter. As long as he should have:
  • An entire knowledge of the general topic introduced at speeches and sessions that are being translated.
  • A great acquaintance of the culture of both languages.
  • A great knowledge of both languages’ vocabulary.
  • The ability to express his ideas clearly and accurately in both languages.
  • The ability to write down notes in a proficient way during the consecutive translation.
  • An experience in consecutive translation not less than three-four years.
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