Thursday, April 5, 2018

Transcription services

Transcription services are often provided for business, legal, or medical purposes. The most common type of transcription service is from a spoken-language source (such as a computer file) into text format that will be available for printing as a document, like for example a report.

EgyTranscript is one of the best proficient providers in the field of audio transcription service where we have our own guidelines and methodologiesthat we offer our clients. These guidelines, however, can be negotiable. For example, we require the client to provide us with information about the shape of the final document they require, and in case any of our clients requires special font, text formatting, or document outline, we will be happy to strictly abide by their guidelines and deliver the work in the best satisfactory form.

One important guideline we apply in all our audio transcription is that whenever the audio file includes insults, curses, or provoking words, we ignore them in the audio transcriptionprocess, unless they are required by the client, like in cases of legal documents that might be needed for criminal trials or other related purposes.

It is worth mentioning that we do not provide medical audio transcription services.

EgyTranscriptwill be pleased to receive your emails and phone calls about transcription services. We commit to the best standards and respecting deadlines to accurately meet your expectations. As mentioned before, we have our own guidelines and methodologies that are negotiable, based on your very own specific needs and requirements of the final document.

If you need any of the transcription services above, don’t hesitate, contact us and let us talk and work together to deliver you work that meets your needs and even exceeds your expectations, where we promise that EgyTranscript will always be your choice as the quickest and most efficient solution.

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